Do I need to make an application to use council land?


If you answer 'YES' to either of the questions below, please make an application through event app uploading as much information as you can.

-Does your planned activity require any infrastructure? (for example staging, fencing, toilets, lighting, gazebos & marquees, decor)

-Is your planned activity aimed directly at children or is there direct contact with children as part of the activity?

Making an application does NOT mean you have booked the dates you want. 

By making an application, you are making an enquiry to use Council land on the dates you specify.  Your event application and the supportive documents you will be asked to upload will enable officers circulate your information to relevant teams including the police, ambulance and fire serives, parks & highways managers and other operational staff in order that a decision can be made about your event in principle.

Timescales for event applications deadlines

Small events : under 1,000 : without road closure or license : 3 months before the event

Medium events : between 1,000-4,999 : an event likely to cause a road closure : 6 months before the event

Large scale : 5,000-20,000 : an event that requires a Premises license : 8 months before the event

Major events : over 20,000 : an events likely to require a Road Closure Order on major roads : 12 months before the event

Late applications will not be processed

Please note that a £100 application fee in all commercial cases applies

Please note that a £50 application fee in all other non-profit and non commercial cases apply

The application fee will be chargeable even if the application is unsucessful or withdrawn


If you need assistance please email (please allow 10 days for a response)