About EventApp

EventApp is an online event application management tool. The system was commissioned by the London Event Forum, and is intended to be used by event officers in local authorities, to help them manage the process of granting permission to hold an event. EventApp enables the event organiser and the council event officer to work together efficiently.

The application is made by the organiser, supported throughout by online advice and links to helpful websites.

Once submitted, the organiser can follow up with supporting documents which, when uploaded are held in the archive. The event officer can then view, consult and notify colleagues and stakeholders such as the Police, Council members and safety advisory groups. Milestones can be set to ensure that crucial deadlines are not missed. Conditional approval notices, invoices and online payment requests can be generated and issued at the click of a mouse. EventApp is a web application, simply a platform for making and receiving event applications. Muso Ltd (the developer) takes no responsibility for granting permission for an event or for setting terms and conditions for an event. (For more information please see EventApp terms and conditions). The development team would like to thank Adrian Hodgson, Paul Cowell, Vashti Waite, David and Martin Evans, Sue Thiedman, Clare Townhill, Richard Clarke, (Sinergia), Wes Burden, Yogendra and all at CIS for their tireless help getting this to happen.

Contact Us

Please email info@EventApp.org if you have any questions at all.

If you wish to find out more about EventApp, call 0207 620 0391 or follow this link https://www.eventapp.org/promotion/